We deliver to Ukraine. Distinct Elite LP offers the following delivery options:

Auto + Air (road and air route path). Your cargo by road, after the completion of export procedures at customs in China, transported to the border and customs clearance takes place. Then he goes to the air carrier, and you get your order at the destination airport (Example: Delivery to Kieva- 10-15 days).

Auto + w / d (motor road and railroad). Truck delivers general cargo to the border after the passage of the export procedures in China. Then of customs clearance, transport and goods are handed over to companies shipping by rail on the territory of Ukraine. You get your order for a transport company terminal (example: delivery time to Kiev – 20-25 days).

Shipping . As soon as the goods in a warehouse in China is ready for shipment, the procedure begins zatamozhivaniya. The container with the goods arrive at the port 2-3 days prior to arrival of the vessel, after which it automatically gets to the ship. Before shipping an average of Ukraine will be 2 weeks.

Attention! When planning is essential to note that the period of consolidation of general cargo through the territory of China after the purchase of goods from 5 days or more, depending on the number of suppliers.

We work with major manufacturers:

We ship to any category!

Kids toys!


Textiles (mattress covers, blankets, pillows, bedspreads, orthopedic pillows, blankets, kitchen textiles bathroom, etc.)

Fabrics (bengalin, suede, leather deputy, cotton, linen, jacquard, angora, wool, chiffon and so on)

Furniture accessories (ties, shelf supports, hinges, repulsion system, dampers and magnets, handles, hooks, supports, locks, rails, systems for drawers, sheds for furniture boxes, accessories for office and residential furniture, furniture blinds, shelving and wardrobe system, kitchen accessories, sliding systems for wardrobes, filling for cabinets, sliding systems for interior doors, furniture lighting)                                                                                    

Kitchenware (Mincer, grater, knives, utensils, etc., Cutlery, dryers, holders, hooks, etc.)

Personal hygiene products: (-vatno-hygiene products (cotton swabs, cotton pads, cotton balls, etc.).

– Paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, wipes and napkins for various purposes, etc.);
– Means of oral care (toothpastes, tooth powders and mouthwashes mouth, a toothpick);
– Intimate hygiene products (intimate liquid soap, shower gels, etc.);
– Feminine hygiene products (sanitary towels, tampons and feminine al.);
– Hygiene products for children (diapers for children);
– Other hygiene products (diapers for adults diapers for urological patients, and others)

Goods for recreation and tourism (clothes for tourism, for the alloy equipment. Inflatable pools, inflatable accessories for the beach, wetsuits, masks, fins, tube sets, tents and tarpaulins, sleeping bags, backpacks, travel mats, utensils and fire equipment, hammocks, electronics, etc.)

Care Cosmetics (manicure tools pedicures, tweezers, etc.).

Homeware (cooking devices, thermos, for products chopper, blender, irons, etc.)